Saturday 5th June 2010 - Married for 3715 days

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How we met...

Down at the shops. Craig was a delivery driver for the chinese, I worked in the chippy next door.

The proposal...

I spent a few summers in the US and on this particular occasion, Craig flew over to Minneapolis to meet me. It was saturday night, we couldnt be bothered going out so ordered room service in our swanky hotel suite. Only after did Craig tell me he wanted to stroll down the Mississippi and pop the question there but bottled it on Friday. How very romantic. I had also made a comment about a diamond ring commercial that had played on the TV that afternoon. How spooky.

While we waited on our food, Craig said he was popping down the hall to the drinks machine to get a few cans. Saving money and all that. He was actually down at reception arranging a champagne and strawberry tray, complete with ring.

Our food arrived and as I was setting it all out, I noticed our starter was missing. I called reception and they were bringing it right up. He also said he had something for me. Great I thought, he's gonna give us a free bottle of wine for messing up with the starter.

A knock on the door and a waiter appears with a tray of champagne asking me where Iwould like it. Champagne? I tought wow, what can we complain about next! Thats a very generous extra.

I was completely oblivious to the whole thing as Craig is trying to shove him out the door. So on the tray I spy a box. "oh its from the ringmaker" I say thinking wow, he's gone to the ringmaker and bought me earrings or a necklace or something. He must have bought it when I was at the bathroom in the mall. But theres no ringmaker here. Oh how lovley, he bought it before he came and brought it with him I thought, still totally oblivious.

So he asks if I am going to open it, I open it and ask if thats what I think it is. He replies "well I wanted to come over and meet my girlfriend, then take home my fiancee"

After that we couldnt eat our dinner. Nerves, exhilaration etc. Then we called Jean and Elaine and told them the good news.